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June 30, 2011

Help! My iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad home button is spoilt!

Hello guys,

Today I'm going to tell you about a gripe I think many iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (from now on called iDevices) users might encounter; the spoilt home button.

You see, the Home Button is the most important button of them all. With this button ceased to function, you either send in for repair at your local Apple store (if you still have warranty), or send in for specialist help (paid). Or... you could use my solution...

[This tip is valid for Jailbroken iDevices]

Supported devices: Basically any iDevices that has the volume buttons

If you have Jailbreak your iDevice prior to reading this post, then VIOLA! You have come to the right place.

If your iDevice is still virgin, and can't be jailbroken for whatever reasons, then all I can say is TBSS (too bad, so sad). Why? Cause only jailbroken iDevices have the app I'm going to recommend (via Cydia).

The app is called "Activator".

Just launch Cydia, and search for Activator. Install it, and you're done.

To modify Activator settings, launch "Settings", and scroll down till you see "Activator".

Now, follow these instructions:
1. Tap on "Anywhere"
2. Under "Volume Buttons", tap on "Down Short Hold"
3. Under "System Actions", tap on "Home Button [Simulate a press of the home button]"
4. Tap on the top left button to go back, and now select "Up Short Hold"
5. Under "System Actions", tap on "Activate Switcher [Show application switcher]"

And you're done!

Hint: You can assign other buttons if you'd like. This is just a general guideline. My home button was busted too by the way... =D

So, if you need to press the "Home" button to exit an app for example, just hold down the "Vol Down" button.

If you need to Activate Switcher (also known as Double Tap Home Button), then hold the "Vol Up" button.

And you still can use the iDevice as per intended with whatever you need.

Except... you prolly can't get a screenshot... but no worries! Activator can also set that if you'd like. As for me, I set to "Press Both Button Simultaneously". And I'm good to go!

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