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July 20, 2011

How to: Install apps with permission denied from Installous

Hello everyone!

I'll be frank. I think 99% of people who jailbreak their iPods/iPhones/iPads (hence called iDevices from now on) are after FREE apps. I won't blame you. I'm also *cough* one of them *cough*. But hey, I do pay for some apps you know! (after evaluating them...)

But, everyone knows Installous is the man. So no weird introductions here.

The problem is, SOMETIMES, Installous is just being a bitch and tells you "API error - Permission Denied". This means that Installous server has blocked your IP (or a range of IP) because they have flagged you as "downloading too much free shit and it's time we teach you a lesson". Oh so I thought...

Anyway, you came here because you seek a workaround. Seems like I do have my ways, and yes I am flagged EVEN THOUGH I do not actually download too many at the same time. Maybe bad luck. You know, there's at least 8 million iDevices sold to date, and if at least half connects to the internet, and another half jailbreaks, and another half actually used Installous, well, you get my drift. Sooner or later, our IPs are just being reused.

Ok back to the topic.

Who should read this?

This article aims to those who have Installous issue, and having "Permission Denied" even though they are the first time using it. I know you liked to install cracked apps for "educational purposes", so am I, so I hereby present an educational article for your understanding.

What is required?
  • Jailbreak (Jailbroken iDevices)
  • Installous app installed
  • iPhoneBrowser (or something similar, such as SSH, read below to find out more)
  • Wifi / Working data cable
  • A PC, Laptop, Netbook, anything. Just not another iDevice. A normal Windows computer. (sorry Mac fans, you have to look elsewhere)
  • This page (nah, just kidding)

An SSH or alternative

If you don't know how to access your files internally, then go use Google. I personally did not use SSH, CyberDuck, Putty, whatever that is out there. I just used iPhoneBrowser. It's small, and it just works.

So, go and install that. We'll come back to iPhoneBrowser later.

Where to get the apps?

If you have been flagged, you got NO CHOICE, but to use another computer (not from your router), like a friend's internet access. Reason is, Installous is linked to AppTrackr, and AppTrackr is where we get our free apps.

So go to and start finding what you want. You will see a bunch of links for the download (e.g. Mediafire, FileDude, FileApe etc), you just need ONE. Save the *.ipa file somewhere, and remember where it is. I recommend just dumping it to your Desktop first.

Great! Now I got all my free shitz!

Yeah, whatever dude... It's still not done yet.

Now launch iPhoneBrowser. If your iDevice is not jailbroken, you can't navigate to where I need you to go... But you won't have Installous app anyway...

Go to this location using iPhoneBrowser:


P.S: Save that as favourites. You'll use it again someday.

Now, just drag and drop those *.ipa files you've just downloaded earlier into here.

So, how to Install it?

You launch Installous from your iDevice. Then tap on "Downloads" tab below, and viola! Your app you transferred are there!

There's no icon? Are you sure it's safe?

The reason why there's no icons is because there's no corresponding *.png files with the *.ipa. So don't worry. It's not a bug.

I've done everything right, but the app won't launch!

Some apps don't run on certain devices. E.g. apps meant for iPhone 4 only will not work on iPhone 3GS for example. The only way for you to find out it will work on your device is to use AppStore and check. Either that, or the app developer has a nasty bug, that causes it to crash into Springboard everytime you launch it. (Justin Beiber talking app anyone?)

Anything else I need to know?

Well, my habit will be to delete the installation files (the original *.ipa) via Installous app since you're at it. Because, it's taking up space, unless space isn't an issue to you. And apart from that, there's nothing much for you to do and appreciate the app makers and go and pay them. =D

After that, use Metadata Removr (you can get it from Hackulous repo). Why? You don't want your free apps to intervene with AppStore app updater program. When that happens, AppStore will tell you that you need to pay for the app (if it's paid) because it's not "yours".


I personally used iPhone 3GS and iPod 1G for testing purposes. iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.0, and iPod 1G on iOS 3.1.2. So, I am pretty sure it will work on whatever version you're having right now. If you need screenshots, I'll do it when I'm free. If you want me to upload a video via YouTube, sorry, I don't do that. =D

Feel free to drop me a question via the comments. Remember, any vulgar/inappropriate questions will be removed without notice.


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