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June 27, 2011

Dr Stanley's House 2: 6 Stones (Guide)

I decided to write the locations of the 6 stones, PLUS the hidden "gem" in which you could get when you have all 6 stones with you.

I will write a full walkthrough another time, so this one goes to those iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users who wanted to know how to get all the hidden stones in the game.

------------ START OF SPOILERS ------------

1. Stone of Wind

How to get it:
- Make sure you do not enter any of the toilet, else I suggest you restart
- Enter the top room, and take the "lamp" from the scene where the policeman is sleeping
- Go back to the "toilet" scene room
- Talk to the receptionist
- Enter the "Male" toilet
- Climb the hatch
- Look for the "Electric Box", turn it off
- Look for Dr Stanley opening (green colour, it's sealed btw), then press on the "fan"
- The Stone of Wind is at the bottom left of the fan

How to miss it:
- If you entered the toilet first, when you exit the toilet, the receptionist will call you a "freak" and you won't receive the key.

2. Stone of Life

How to get it:
- Get "Ganoderma" & "Ginseng" from the medicine room and combine it
- Go to the "Patient" room, the one on the right of Dr Stanley's room
- Feed the patient with the mixed medication you created
- He will drop the Stone of Life

How to miss it:
- If you took the remoter and climb the hatch and activate it, a doctor will enter the room, in which you can't chase him away

Note: The medication book does not state anywhere of this combination. I got the hints via Google... hehe...

3. Stone of Light

How to get it:
- Inside the room where you took the green glass panel, there's a puzzle to complete
- If you get stuck, look inside the tube for the colour you need to produce
- Once you got it right, the Stone of Light will drop out

How to miss it:
- Well, you can't miss this one. You can come back again and complete the puzzle, just before you timewarp for the sniper scene

4. Stone of Death

How to get it:
- Inspect the "Opened dog house"
- The Stone of Death is at the bottom right corner

How to miss it:
- If you scare the dog first, you can't get this stone

5. Stone of Fire

How to get it:
- Scare the dog by burning the doctor's coat
- When the fire is out, the Stone of Fire will appear

How to miss it:
- If you scare the dog by burning the rag instead

6. Stone of Time

How to get it:
- Once the Old Man gave you the potion, go back to the lab and take the Stone of Time on the floor

How to miss it:
- You pick it up either during the scene or during your timewarp

7. A Golden Plate

How to get it:
- Collect all 6 stones first
- At the sniper scene, DO NOT SHOOT YOURSELF FIRST
- Instead, go down the ladder, and inspect the "wall" (if you noticed, during your first crash, this wall will crack)
- He will ask you to "give it to him", so press "Use" on all 6 stones
- When all 6 stones are given, he will throw out "A golden plate"

How to miss it:
- You did not collect all 6 (duh!)
- You shoot yourself first before going down the ladder

------------ END OF SPOILERS ------------

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the game as per intended.

If you miss any stone, well, you need to try again.

If you have questions, post them in the comments, and I'll try my best to assist.

Special thanks to James Li for creating such an interesting Point-and-click adventure game.


yapple said...

where is the green glass panel??

yapple said...

where is da green glass panel

Jawanda said...

What to do after I fed patient? Im los

Arunansu said...

i was unable to solve the colour puzzle. Could u please elaborate the procedure to solve it.

Arunansu said...

Hi, Could u plz elaborate the steps to solve the colour puzzle?

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