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October 8, 2008

Strict hiatus

Hi guys, sorry for being away for a verrryyyy looonnngggg timmmeeee...

I already began my commitment onto other parts of my life, hence my devotion for finding more cool stuffs for the iPod Touch slowed down, since version 1.1.4 came about.

But I will try to keep up with the pace in the next few weeks (I need time to rebuilt my knowledge). Maybe it's because of my work, I'm having less time looking for information.

If you guys continue to support me, do subscribe to my feed. I will feel more motivated to write when there are more people willing to wait.

Until the next update,
Just ask me anything.


amzm said...

Hi Yusry,

I am new on this.....

I've had a problem for a few weeks now, looked everywhere but haven't found a solution, hope you can help me. i have a 2g iphone unlocked and jailbroken, am running fw 1.1.3

I have the grey wifi problem and have been trying the dev team wifi fix......

My problem is when using term-vt100 to unload I get the error: launchctl: Error: launch_msg(): Socket is not connected.

How do i fix this?

Can u please help me out im in a real fix, i love my iphone.... I cant take my iphone to an apple store and I don't want to sell it.

Your help will be appreciated


Yusry said...

Hi amzm

Have you tried to jailbreak 1.1.4 instead?

I have no clue about 1.1.3 or iPhone. Sorry can't be helped.

amzm said...

i've jailbroken on 1.1.4, 2.1, 2.0.1, 1.1.1 and currently 1.1.3....Nothing seems to work

the iphone is just like the ipod, just that it has a phone on it.

i guess i'll just have to keep on looking. thanks any way

But if u do hear something about it in the future plz let me know

Thanks again

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