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July 3, 2008

I Love My Apple!

Dedicated to the contents of my blog, I've decided to write this post after deciding on what to write.

Firstly, I love Apple!

No not that apple... I just ate that one. :P I'm talking about Apple. And it's not just about any other Apple products, but the main reason for this blog, the iPod Touch.

Now take a good look at the iPod Touch...

Since day 1 I had this beauty in my hands, I didn't let it go not even a single day. Honestly, I just couldn't part with it. No iPod, no life... So let me just brief you through the key features that this baby is packed with.

- 3.5 inch display, perfect for videos
- 480-by-320 pixel resolution
- CoverFlow
- Wifi
- Full Touchscreen with multi-touch
- YouTube application
- Full HTML browser (though without Flash support)
- Accelerometer
- Lightweight and slim!
- Download music via iTunes
- and lots more!

However, if you want to get the most out of you iPod Touch, you'll need to perform some hacking and installing 3rd party programs, BUT I WON'T ENDORSE THAT! The iPod Touch on it's own is already feature pack, and with 8GB (now up to 32GB!) of storage, you'll never run out of disk space for all your media needs.

The new iPod Touch (updated firmware) now comes with additional features. Here are some of them.

- additional widgets, such as Google Maps, Mail, Weather, Stock and Notes.
- customisable Home Screen (wiggling feature)
- Bookmarklets (saving bookmarks in Home Screen)

And the most anticipated application that's coming soon is the AppStore, after the release of the 3G iPhone. But I shall not touch onto that in this post.

Ehem... back to my topic...

With rated battery life of 22 hours for music and 5 hours of videos, you'll never have to worry about charging so often. As for me, I use my iPod Touch mainly for music, and it lasted me for a week! That's because my average use per day is around 2 hours of music. I never have to charge until it goes flat.

So still haven't gotten your iPod Touch yet? Not to worry...

If you're a student, you can get yours for free! ***

*** with purchase of another Apple product... :)

Interested? Check out this link to find out more.

How to get your free iPod.

1. Shop for a Mac.

Shop the Apple Online Store
or call 1-800-MY-APPLE.
Find your favorite Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Campus Store.

2. Buy an iPod.

Purchase an 8GB iPod touch or an 8GB iPod nano with your Mac and qualify for a rebate of up to $299.*

3. Get your rebate.

After you receive your Mac and iPod, submit your claim online by October 15, 2008. Once your claim has been submitted, check your rebate status at any time.

And it's that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and check out their cool products and offers.


Ron said...

For best battery life with your iPod--or any device using L-I battery technology--avoid letting the battery go flat. Keep the battery topped up and it will last much, much longer. I top mine up anytime it's convenient when it has less than 80 percent remaining charge. Taking it down below about 20 percent once a month or so will reset the "gauge" but it actually does nothing for the battery itself. I know this likely runs counter to what most think they know about battery life, but check authoritative sources such as Battery University for the straight poop. I've been following this regimen for several years and the results have been amazing. For example, I still have an old iPod 2G running on the original battery.

Neil Anderson said...

That is a great back-to-school deal Apple has going on!

Yusry said...


Thanks for that tip! I'm very sure it will help a lot of people out there...

gaurav said...

i jailbreaked my ipod touch version 1.1.4 with ziphonev3.0,,now screen shows the following message and my itunes does not detect my ipod
if you want to make modifications to files

/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/ mount -uw /

If you wish to boot the system:

:/ root(hash)

it will not start up in recovery mode again... if anybody knows what to do and advice would be much appreciated... thanks

Yusry said...


Not too sure where you read those lines, I'm expecting it to be from the iTouch itself (since you're using ZiPhone).

I would suggest, removing the cables from the iTouch, and resetting the iTouch (press and hold Home+Standby). I used to get this problem, and I did just that.

Hopefully it restarts, without jailbreaking. You can try to jailbreak again.

Good luck.

Yusry is a technology freak, he plays a lot with his iPod Touch since day 1. He is also into programming and gets excited trying out new softwares. He is also a member of a local Singaporean band named Dermapthera. You can read his other blog at