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May 28, 2008

A USD $10 Disposable phone

Think cheap, think Hop-on!

For USD $10, this disposable phone is an anti-iPhone phone, that challenges phones to make calls faster.

One catch though, it has NO SCREEN!

Check out the product here.

And the company is offering USD $5 for returning the phone (instead of disposing it) to encourage users to recycle.

Anyway, for a phone that makes excellent calls, I think it's pretty worth it. How about text messages? I guess a lot of people uses SMS as part of the communication life.

This phone is designed and produced for travellers who want the convenience of a phone, but worry about bringing the own phone abroad. I think, it's sweet.

If it's available here in Singapore, I'll probably get my hands on it. At least, I have 1001 reasons why I won't answer the phone. :)

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