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April 17, 2008

psx4all 0.2.0 Review

I just updated my psx4all, a 3rd party PS1 emulation application for the jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone.

After initial installation, I had to redownload and reinstall the scph1001.bin file because it is now located on another place, and then reset the permissions.

The scph1001.bin BIOS should now be placed together in the ROMs folder. Why is that, I don't know.

I moved all my ROMs inside /var/mobile/ROMs folder since I'm running 1.1.4 (but I modified it to "fake" 1.1.3).

The game I'm testing is Final Fantasy Tactics, and all I can say is it runs superbly! It ran better than version 0.1.0, and it's as smooth as hell. I'll probably gonna get my hands dirty on my dusty iPod Touch already.

Anyway, if you don't know where to update the latest psx4all app, go add "" as your new source in Installer. You should be able to see the latest psx4all version.

Note: If the Installer app update tells you to update the psx4all into 0.1.0, don't do so. It's like downgrading. The reason why it showed up there is because it's conflicting with another repo (STE's repo) and hence it thinks that there's another version (but it's stupid enough not to know which is the latest version).

Known bugs I've seen during my tests:
1) I can't use other controllers when playing in non-landscape mode
2) If I use those controllers, all buttons on screen are unresponsive, except for the Home button which will bring you out of the program
3) (this is not a bug) There's no options to remove the statistical information on the top of the screen. Although it's useful, it's somewhat annoying. I do wish there's an option for me to use to turn that off though. Looks like I can do that. But I don't know how to describe it to you on how to do it. I'll try to gather more information. Work is killing me already.

Well other than that, enjoy your games mate! And hope for another future release. =)

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