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April 1, 2008

Bad customer support? - Creative


And I thought Creative is doing as good as it's competitors. I can't believe those outrageous remarks made by multiple users of the Creative forums.

First of all, you can read the whole saga on this thread. It's still hot, it might get removed from the forum if it gets out of hand.

Here's the case. Apparently, some kind modder (hacker, cracker, software engineer, genius, whatever you call him) decided to aid some wandering or confused souls who are trying to use their Creative soundcards in their Vista operating system.

But it seems, that this modder (named Daniel_K) has been warned (and in a harsh way) that what he's doing is unacceptable and damages the business strategy. I can see the point that he's posting it in an official Creative forum, maybe this Daniel_K could have posted in other forums for other free lancers or "fan" sites and give his remarks.

At least, if he might violate the terms and conditions of usage, he still can help the other users, who ARE willing to get their own terms and conditions breached just to make the device works correctly and perfectly.

For most of us, aka users, usually buys a products and in good faith, expects the product to be perfect. We know, humans do makes mistakes, a business is still run by humans (normal educated people like you and me, and not thousands of Einsteins'), and probably have released their products assuming that it works.

However, if it doesn't work as intended, they have a "support" team. The problem is that this "support" team couldn't provide the necessary support needed for that hundreds or maybe thousands of users. So, Daniel_K comes to save the day.

But, it seems, being a good samaritan means being in crime! How could that be?

Well, this is just my opinion, and I guess everybody has their own piece of their minds. =)

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