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April 1, 2008

I hate 1st April...

No... I'm not blogging technically today, but just to let you know why I hate 1st April.

Firstly, almost all the goodies in the world are trying their best to pull out a prank just on this date. So, things that you worship, you believed, and you trusted are most likely to tell you "something drastic" and tries to shock their fans.

I've seen a lot of variations over the years of internet, and hence that's why I have always avoided 1st April on doing anything (like going to school, or meeting friends, or even talking on the phone) just to avoid the dreaded day and save my ass over the sorry prank they might be pulling unprepared.

Hence, news about "outrageous" shutting down of operations and quitting blogging? They could always do that on other days except "today".

This is the only day I will be very ignorant and decided not to believe in anything (even death of a loved ones). I'll wait until tomorrow.

And that's dead serious why I'm not taking part in such mind-boggling events.



krisandro said...

Whoops, I think i feel guilty already....

Yusry said...


Well, I guess I deserve a smack on my forehead + a good laugh. You pulled a nice one though and I was really unprepared.


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