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March 10, 2008

Translation available for this blog!

I have added an extra functionality for translating my site into 10 other major languages.

I hope my readers will find it useful.

If you're a blogger, and you want to use this feature, you can read up about how to install it at

For your information, all the country flags were taken from a nice website,

However, you also use my version (which has the flags). If you used my codes, please host the images onto your own image hosting (such as Photobucket).

Here's my codes (editor's note: I have to upload to my Wordpress account, because I can't display that long set of codes into this blog's page):
Translate Widget Code
If you want (please do!) to change the links for the image hosted, look for tags that starts with <img src="[insert link here]" />

It should be pretty straight forward.

I hope you liked it. Please credit the original author for this magnificent widget!


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