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March 11, 2008

Find Out Your IP Address

Some of you asked me, "How do I find out my IP address?"

You might be doing this because you wanted to SSH into your iPhone/iPod Touch, or you simply need to play online games that requires IP addresses like NetBig2 (a HK daidee poker card game).

It's actually quite simple though.

Short Method

Click on Start -> Run...

Type in "cmd" without the quotes.

Then in the prompt, you should see something like: C:\Documents and Settings\Yusry>

Right type in, "ipconfig" without the quotes. You should see your IP address. Easy?

There is a difference between your own IP, and your web IP. If you're surfing on a web browser, the IP you see does not corresponds to your web IP. That's because, when you're surfing, you ISP provides you an IP address (identity) to differenciate between you and million others of internet users.

To find your web IP, visit and your IP will be displayed on the top.

For iPhone/iPod Touch

This one's a little different. It's not about your computer's IP. It's about your iPhone/iPod Touch IP address. You may want to find out about it if you're want to SSH into your iPod.

Simply go to "Settings" app, "Wi-Fi", then look for the connection you're using. Hit the blue arrow button, and look under "IP Address".


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