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March 10, 2008

Why I use Blogger VS Wordpress

If I am running my own web server, I'd probably use Wordpress.

Since I want things to be free (yes, I'm poor! Please donate me! :) ), I have decided to move from Wordpress to Blogger.

Last time, I used to hate Blogger. It's because, after you publish, you need to "re-index" the published post before it's reflected into your blog. However, ever since Google took over it, many enhancements have been made that makes blogger one of the better online blogging site.

I still love Wordpress, however, there are a few reasons why I choose to switch back.
  1. doesn't allow me to input JavaScript. I'm not sure why, my guess is that it's a measure to deter changing of their codes, and preventing of abuse.
  2. doesn't allow changing of templates. Not until you "donate".
Here are some good reasons why people still uses Wordpress
  1. Easy posting system. I find posting in Wordpress much more easier than Blogger.
  2. Inline commenting system. This allows my readers to quickly leave a message after reading the post, unlike Blogger, which requires some "hack" before it can be done.
  3. Detailed tracking system. Blogger doesn't have a tracking system like do. Just by looking at the stats, I am able to tell what my readers are reading, what they searched for before reading my page, and how many readers for that day.
  4. Wordpress allows me to "break" my post, which Blogger didn't have (unless you tweak the codings).
The main reason why I choose Blogger is because:
  1. I want to change the template, to suit my own.
  2. I want to use some functionality JavaScript to enhance my blog, and improve on my blogging in the future.
Well, no matter what blogging system you may use, I'm sure there are some pros and cons. Just make sure you know what you're doing, and everything will be just fine.


Max said...

I hate posting on blogger too. Wordpress was streamlined and easy to tell where comments were. I am personally not a blogger, but it still seems that wordpress is simpler...

Yusry said...

Doesn't seem like I've got any choice. The reasons are pretty obvious. I just want more hands on to the blog I'm writting, which wordpress doesn't provide.

I'm currently working on a way to add comments inline with the post; of course it requires some modifying of the codes. It's still under construction, so if you happen to see lots of "test" pages, it means I'm currently doing something to it!


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