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March 16, 2008

Free up space in iPhone/iPod Touch (aka "Trash" in MobileFinder)

I was doing some housekeeping in my iPod Touch, and I asked myself "I couldn't be having this much space used up! Surely there are 'redundant' data somewhere in it".

So I was bored, I looked into each and every file/folder system inside it, using my old time favourite program: iphonebrowser (v1.5.2.0 as of time of post)

Then I found this folder:


Guess what I found inside? At least 1GB worth of "unused" data, which was there acting as a Recycled Bin. I even found a copy of my "/Applications/" folder in it, where I failed to symlink it to another partition (during one of my attempt to move my Applications folder), and other data including my PSX CD Image, which was approximately 600MB in size.

So the next thing I did was the obvious. I delete all the files in it to recover approximately 1GB worth of space.

So, if you think that you have deleted some files using MobileFinder, think again. It's probably "still there". Do some house keeping.

Hope this helps.


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