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March 15, 2008

YouTube fanatics, "Better YouTube" Greasemonkey script

I think I'm the fanatic!

So, I'm going to share with you, a cool addon for all of you YouTube fanatics.

Here's an example video from YouTube (via FlowPlayer). Why? So that you can view in fullscreen without actually leaving the page! Is that cool or what???

As I Lay Dying - The Sound Of Truth

Download the addon from here.

Pros (My personal review)
- Creates a download link to download the videos in FLV format
- Uses FlowPlayer, which allows embeding on websites with full screen support
- Other options that are useful like "hiding all comments" and "showing full desciption" of the YouTube videos
- Changes appearance of YouTube video to make it "bigger", and remove all the other elements (which I find kinda redundant? But it's a useful feature)
- An option to automatically plays the HD version of the video (if available)

Cons (My personal review)
- If embeding onto websites with multiple videos using FlowPlayer, the bandwidth will be clogged! That's because since it's auto-buffers in the background without clicking "play", all the videos will start to load in the background.
- (well actually, I can't think of any other problems with it...)

I'm going to look for more useful YouTube addons.


Update: It seems that there is a newer version that was not featured in the addon downloads page. Visit the original author's page here to download the latest version (as of time of post, it's version 0.4.2)

This new version has the ability to view HD (if it's available) version of the YouTube video. Pretty cool huh? Read the change logs in the page itself.

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