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February 28, 2008

How to: Force Restore your screwed iPod Touch/iPhone

If somehow, sometime, your iPod Touch gets screwed (some program hangs, some unexpected errors), you should get a clean restore.

But as you might have known, clicking the Restore button will download and install the latest released firmware by Apple.

For jailbreaking enthusiast, that's not what they want. You would want to restore to a vulnerable firmware version 1.1.1 so that it could be jailbroken again. After 1.1.1 is jailbroken, you can continue to update to 1.1.2 if you like, or do other things that newer, resistant, firmwares cannot do.

So how to force restore? It's pretty simple.

These methods don't work if you want to downgrade. Especially version 1.1.3 (and maybe future updates). Apple have set certain restrictions in the downgrading process, making it harder to "fool" it to downgrade. Please refer to other posts on methods to perform the downgrade.

See: Downgrade version 1.1.3 to 1.1.1

Make the iPod Touch go to Recovery Mode

If for some reason your iPod won't connect to iTunes, or whatever reason it is, you might need to make your iPod Touch into Recovery Mode. Here's how you could do that.

Making your device in Recovery Mode is irreversible. That means, once you execute this, you can never get back your home screen until you complete the restore. So don't attempt this, because there's no room if you suddenly decides to change your mind. This method can also be known as Manual Reset.

Step 1: Hold down the “Home” button

Step 2: Hold down the “Standby” button

Step 3: When it says “slide to turn off”, ignore it.

Step 4: It should restart with a blank screen. DO NOT LIFT THOSE BUTTONS YET.

Step 5: An “Apple” icon appears. You can lift the “Standby” button, but keep pressing the “Home” button

Step 6: Once you see a “connector” and an “iTunes” image (looks like when you just bought it), that’s when it’s in Recovery mode. You can lift all the buttons.

Perform a Manual Restore

Now you will need to perform a Manual Restore on it. The term "Manual", as the name suggests, does not involve in using automated download via iTunes. Instead, we are using iTunes do perform the Restore on the firmware we want.

See: Download the appropriate firmware

Step 1: Connect the iPod Touch, which is now in Recovery Mode

Step 2: Launch iTunes. iTunes will tell you that the iPod Touch is in Recovery Mode.

Step 3: Hold SHIFT while Left-click on Restore button. A file browser should come up. Select the appropriate firmware, then wait for the restoration to complete.

You can also do this Restore if you want to downgrade firmware version 1.1.2 into anything else.

And viola! You should be kicked out of the misery, and start your hacking all over again.


Alio said...

Hi Yusry!

I screwed mi ipod touch bad. I tried to do a jailbreak and now I can´t restore it. It keep showing me the message
BDS root: mds0, major 2, minor 0
BDS root: mds0, major 2, minor 0
BDS root: mds0, major 2, minor 0
BDS root: mds0, major 2, minor 0

all the time. The itouch doesn´t detect it and there is nothing I can do... could you please help me with this?

Thank you in advance.

Yusry said...


That's very weird. Which version of ZiPhone are you using? The latest version should give this error anymore, because the latest version supports all versions of iPod Touch.

Anyway, to get out of the BSD loop error, you need to do:

1) Unplug your cable
2) Then press and hold both Home and Standby button until it restarts (with a blank screen)
3) Now release Standby button, and while holding Home, connect the USB dock again.
4) You should be back at Recovery Mode (the screen with the USB+iTunes), you can let go Home button now
5) Restore to 1.1.3/1.1.4, then download the latest ZiPhone version (2.6b or above).
6) Clear NVRAM first, then jailbreak

Hope that helps. If you need further help, just ask me! :)


Anonymous said...

my 8gb itouch is doing the same thing bds root error i cant do any thing but turn it off and on and i tryied what u said to alio and its not working please help:]!!!!! thanks

Yusry said...

Try the suggested method I posted earlier.

As far as I'm concerned, the methods are correct.

Anyway, I will retype it again here.

There are a few methods to get over the BSD error, so you just have to try them out.

Method 1:

If it's unplugged, plug it into the dock connector. Press and hold both Standby and Home button until it resets. Once it resets, release Standby and count till 10 seconds (or 12) and then release Home button. If it stays blank screen, you should be in DFU mode.

Method 2:

If it's plugged, unplug it. Turn it off, then hold Home button while plugging it in the dock connector. It should start up, but don't release the Home button. It should go into Recovery Mode.

Method 3:

Use ZiPhone built in commands to get your device into Recovery mode. It's the easiest to use, if it doesn't work, try the first 2 methods.

Hoped that helped you.


Yusry said...

Oh and btw, if you're using the latest ZiPhone, there's no need to clear the NVRAM anymore, it's embedded in it's scripts.


Pinkyyy said...

Thank you for this! My iPod Touch screwed up royally when I tried the ijailbreak and the unknown error occurred (0xE8000022) kept popping up. Your post saved it and now it's recovering (at least!) I'll attempt the jailbreak thing later, ack. Thank you so much though.

alex said...

hi Yusry i jailbroke my 8g ipod touch with ziphone a little while ago and everything was fine except that my ipod would freeze sometimes, but i eventually got sick of that and tried to restore my ipod but had to force restore it and so i went through the steps and when i went to plug it in and itunes would make it look like everything is fine then it would say error 1604, i tried everything that it said to do on the apple website to restore my ipod except for restoring it on another computer. right now my ipod is stuck in the force restore stage and i was just wondering if you had any advice for me to fix this

Yusry said...

Is it at the "iTunes + connector" screen?

This post does not discuss regarding DFU mode though. If you're using ZiPhone, I think that program can allow you to make it into DFU mode.

Alternatively, you can try this:

1) Start with iTunes turned closed (if it's launched). Hook up the iPod Touch with the USB cable supplied

2) Press and hold BOTH Home and Standby button

3) Wait for it to restart. It should be blank, however windows will make a "beep" sound as like a device is connected via USB. Release the Standby button

4) Once you hear "another beep", release home button. iTunes should launch by itself now.

5) Perform your Restore, and you're good to go.

Good luck. I believe the ZiPhone program alone is enough to make it into DFU mode.


cluelessguy565 said...

ok so ive tried EVERYTHING!! i shft-clicked the restore button but i dont know what to do after that!!?? so im just wondering if u can tell me b/c i cant figure it out :/

Yusry said...

Hey cluelessguy

First thing you'll need to do is to make your device in DFU mode/Restore mode.

First, connect your device via the USB dock connector supplied. Then restart it.

To do that, hold both HOME and STANDBY button for approx 30 secs, and the device should restart.

Once it restarts, release Standby button, BUT CONTINUE HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON. Wait another 30 secs, and you should reach the Recovery Screen.

Sometimes, if you do it right, the screen remains blank. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN IT ON. That's DFU mode.

cluelessguy565 said...

ok so i got to the part where i shft-click the restore button but what to do after that?? idk what to look for or what? to click?!?! i will be back on here at 12:00pm 2maro so i can talk otherwise ill check everynow and then so plz help ^.^

Yusry said...


Now, if you have read my post, I've shown you how you could download the appropriate firmware.

If you've missed it, it's here

Download to the last firmware you've used. If you're using 1.1.1, download 1.1.1. If you're using 1.1.4, download 1.1.4.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO DOWNLOAD VIA ITUNES. It will download version 2, which I have not personally tested out myself.

If you're adventurous, you can do whatever you like.

You pressed Shift-Click to give you a box to browse for a file right? Look for the .IPSW you've downloaded.

Let me know if you're still stuck or needed help.


mary5682 said...

Hi, I restored my jailbroken iPod Touch on 1.1.4 firmware so I could start fresh and downgrade to 1.1.3 but when I restored it, it also updated it to 1.1.5 firmware. So I have tried just about everything. I have downloaded 1.1.3 firmware and have tried the SHIFT click on restore and choose the 1.1.3 firmware and had my iPod in DFU mode and I get this: "Waiting for iPod..." Then I also tried it in another mode and did the SHIFT thing and I got this error message: "the iPod could not be restore. An unknown error occurred (5). I have no clue what to do. On the 1.1.5 firmware I have the installer but it freezes and just doesn't work as well as it used to.
Thanks for the help.

KC77 said...

I have a jailbroken 16GB Ipod touch that is so screwed up!! I have tried everything to restore and to force DFU mode. Nothing works. I cant even turn the ipod off to begin process correctly. The battery wont even charge when its plugged up. The only way it shuts off is cause of low battery. I have pressed and held both buttons and nothing happens. I could hold them down for an hour and nothing changes. Itunes will not recognise it as a device at all no matter what. I have tried every method I could find on the net. Does anyone have any suggestions. And please, explain the steps. If you are gonna say hold down sleep and power till it shuts off, dont bother. That isn't working! I cant achieve recovery mode. Please help!!

Yusry said...

Hi kc77

First off, we'll need to know what firmware are you on before you got "stuck".

First thing you'll need to do is try some other USB port for your dock. Sometimes that USB got a little loose, or a little rusty, weak connectivity etc, so try that first. And if you can get it to charge, you are 1 problem off.

Next if that fails, try a different computer.

If somehow you manage to get it connected to the PC, then you can hold Standby+Home button until it comes to the recovery screen.

I know you're frustrated, but sometimes it just requires some degree of luck.

If that fails too, pray hard that you still have your warranty. Get down to apple store, complain the hell of their pants, and demand for a full repair. Do not ever hint that you've jailbreak it.

Honestly speaking, I have never seen anyone bricking their iPod Touch. There's another reader who used to have the same problem as yours, and all he did was changed the USB, and it worked like a charm!

I hope that does for you too.

Good luck! You'll need it.


jess said...

Hi Yusry!

I'm not sure what screwed up but i tried to jailbreak my ipod touch (I dont know which version but i just bought it like a week ago so it's the latest one i presume) and now it keeps showing the connect to itunes page!

here's what happened...

my iTunes is in version 7.7 and i used the latest Ziphone GUI but i clicked "jailbreak + activate" instead of "jailbreak" (i assume this is a mistake??)

after which, it started showing lines of code and then rebooted to show the connect to iTunes page.

what should i do now??? do i have to put into DFU mode and restore to 1.1.4 and use iTunes 7.5?

please help!!!

my email is

Yusry said...

Hey jess,

If you just bought it like 1 week ago, I will strongly assume that it's the latest version (that is 1.1.5, or correct me if I'm wrong about that).

I don't know if ZiPhone works on 1.1.5 though...

Anyway, I suspect that your iPod is preventing you from jailbreaking, that's why it went back to "connect to iTunes" screen.

I am not in a position to suggest anything as I did not bother to upgrade to 1.1.5 yet.

Do let me know if you figure anything out.


jess said...

oh I Fixed it!!! I simply followed yr instructions and found out that I was using the wrong fileware! I used the one for iPhone which is why I was stuck haha. It restored like a charm after that. Thanks though!!

Mandy said...

hi there
uuhh i have no clue what i did to my touch!
now im worried i can't fix it
the screen on my ipod is to connect to itunes
like itunes says its in recovery
so i try to restore it
but every time i try it says an unknown error occured(6)

Yusry said...

If your iTunes can start restoring, at least that's a good sign.

Have you tried DFU mode?

Connect the USB, do not launch iTunes yet. I think it will automatically launch, so close that if you want.

Press and hold Standby and Home button. Wait until it restarts.

When it restarts, it should be "blank". Windows will sound as if something is connected via USB. Release the Standby key. Keep pressing the Home.

iTunes will relaunch, now perform your restore.

Good luck.

Mandy said...

i got it to restore to its original settings
but it updated the software to 1.1.5
and the screeen of all my icons are messed up
they are all over the place
but i have like ziphone blog icon
and i want to just erase the whole ziphone and start from scratch
and like i can't update my january software to it cause theres some error
can you help me out again

Yusry said...

Heya mandy,

Glad it turned out ok. I assume you've been using ZiPhone to jailbreak your 1.1.5 iPod. Personally speaking, I have not tried it, so I wouldn't know.

You can't remove the ZiPhone blog button (I think) until you have the January updates. The thing is, you can find the January update in Installer (if you're lucky enough, I don't even know where myself). Then you can use the "wiggly" function to remove the link.

If you want to start from scratch, try doing a double restore. Double restore is simply launching iTunes with your iPod connected, then hit restore (without holding shift, or any sort), then restore AGAIN after it has completed. Not sure why though, a lot of other users claimed that these would "properly reset the device into factory mode", meaning it will be a clean restore.

Question is, why do you want to restore? I thought you wanted to jailbreak it in the first place? Just my assumption.

Well, there's nothing wrong now (I guess), but if you can't update the January update, chances are it's because it might be 1.1.5, or it's recognised as "jailbroken".

Well, either way do try it out and share what you have gathered.

Good luck, again.

Mandy said...

okay well
like my ipod is a little messed up
cause all my icons are all over the place
i think where they would be if i had the january software update
which i bought back when
and when i try ot update it to get it on my ipod
an error occurs
so i dont' know how to fix that
and i do i want to rejailbreak but its not working
im not sure what im doing or what to do
i know my ipod isn't broken or anything i just wish it went back to the way i had it 2 days ago.

Yusry said...

I'm really not sure how to help you.

Have you tried the clean restore? I'm not quite sure what version it will be in though.

I'm pretty sure if you do a clean restore, you can install your january update without problems (I assume!). So you have to try that first.

I'm thinking of messing with my iPod soon. It's been collecting dust for god knows when...

Update me when you figured anything out.

jess said...

hey mandy. I faced the same problem and what I did is to install iTunes 7.5 and restore my touch to version 1.1.4. It went back to the original settingswithout zipone! All the downloads u need are available on this blog! Hope it helped.

Yusry said...

Hey jess,

Thanks for the tip.

Hoped that helped our little friend.

Mandy said...

hey guys thanks for the feedback.
really appreciate it.
ive gotten it to the original settings which for mine was 1.1.4 without the software upgrade
i had to keep trying to restore like 2357435809 times but i got it finaly
but now when it tries to update to download the january software upgrade to it, which i bought for the $20, it can't
an error happens.
but ive been reading blogs that you have ot purchase the 2.0 in order to get it back
but tahts $10 that i don't want to waste/
geez apple is good at stealing your money.
has anyone overcome that?

Yusry said...

Hi Mandy,

Since you know yours is legitimate, and legal, and you paid for it (if you really swear by it), I suggest you bring it up to your nearest Apple store and give them the big F in the face.

Well, Apple is well-known for great "customer service" so you should probably try it out. ;)

By the way, your number sounds a bit exaggerating hehehe...

I'm really not so sure what could go wrong here, unless it's no longer compatible with 1.1.4 (or maybe higher), or maybe it's only meant for version 2, which really sucks (IMO).

Whatever your decision is, share with the world. Spread some love.


carla said...

Hi, I hope you can help me, my ipod touch is all screwed up, last night it just seddenly crashed.
I can´t restore it and it doesen´t sync to itunes.
I keep getting this weird message:

AppleMRVL868x: Ethernet address 00:1d:4f
AppleMRVL868x: Command line options and
current values used by driver
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-debug=0xc8
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-feature-flags
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-inactivity-ti
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-powersave-tim
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-powersave-lis
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-ps-confirm-de
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-retry-limit=1
AppleMRVL868x: marvell-sdio-pulldown
AppleMRVL868x: WTE=0x0
AppleMRVL868x: Loading Main Program.
AppleMRVL868x: Firmware loaded.
AppleMRVL868x: Hardware Details:
Firmware Version: 8.108.3.p65 (0x41086
I/O Version: 0x0002
Hardware Version: 0x0012
Mac Address: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
:/ root#

Yusry said...


You should try restarting first. Maybe that would help.

Press and hold both the Home and Standby key while leaving your iPod cable's on.

If you're lucky, you should be able to restore, if not, I guess you should head down to Apple store after the batt is dead.

Good luck!

Katalin said...

Hey Yusry!

I like your site, it helped me to fix my ipod touch earlier on.
However, I am not a tech genius so I would like to have a few questions.

I own a jailbroken Ipod touch with a 1.1.1 firmware. (got it 2nd hand)
Recently I have been experiencing problems, like I cant add new sources in installer (and cant get the iphone apps, or any apps), cant access the itunes store via wifi etc.

Again, am technically handicapped so I hope my question is not too stupid but I wanna know which firmware is the best for an iPod touch. I have no clue what is the difference between any of them, what's a ziphone etc.All I know is that I wanna have some apps that I cant get with 1.1.1. :)

Is it possible to upgrade to 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 or whichever is best?

thanks for you time and help!


Yusry said...

Hi KK,

Well, if you asked me, the most stable jailbreak I've personally used is 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. But of course, the amount of apps is limited.

Now with the 2.x around, i bet most jailbroken apps are written for it.

Anyway, for me to personally share with you any personal experience is kind of limited, since my iPod touch is left "unjailbroken" state. I'm still looking for a stable jailbreak since 1.1.2.

I am not in the best position to answer most of your question, but here goes:

- Firmware
I believe the latest should be 1.1.5. I could be wrong: it's been months since I updated my iPod firmware! That's why this blog has been quite dormant lately, too much information, too little time. You should update to 1.1.4, so that you could easily jailbreak it again using ZiPhone, so here's the next answer...

- ZiPhone
Visit his blog. It's where you can download the application. You use ZiPhone for "one touch automated jailbreaking process", it's quite foolproof and very straight forward. Just follow the instructions. You will get a jailbroken iPod Touch in matter of seconds.

- iTunes Store on iPod Touch
I can't answer that for you, but I believe that you need a working wifi connection for that. I don't personally use it at all, my country doesn't have an iTunes store set up properly yet.

- iPhone apps (the widgets+wiggly)
Wow, that's a very old thing. I think you can find the info in my blog. I seriously can't remember much, but I think you can find it via the Installer.

Well, you need to give it some try to figure out what you'll need to do though.

Good luck. Do let me know if you need help.

Katalin said...


gorillakiller said...


Katalin said...

Hi Yusry!

I am getting a bit impatient here.
I tried to upgrade to 1.1.4 but it wont happen.

I tell you what all I have done:

downloaded the 1.1.4 firmware
I put the ipod touch into DFU mode using the latest Ziphone. (iLiberty also said it was in DFU mode, tho the screen was the same when in recovery mode)

opened iTunes, selected the firmware but I got the error message that it cannot be performed. (like when I tried in recovery mode before)

Then the ipod went all blank, itunes said waiting for iPod (but nothing happened) and all I could do was to hold the power button and powered it off. When I put it on again it was in recovery mode.

Now I reinstalled the 1.1.1 firmware and it works fine, BUT I cant jailbreak it. neither with, nor with iliberty, nor with Ziphone...

Please let me know if there are any alternative methods!



Yusry said...

Hi Kate,

If you can downgrade to 1.1.1, it's a good sign.

I've heard of "double restore". It's basically restoring into a firmware, then restoring again to that same firmware. I don't know why, but I used to read that this works.

Apart from that, you should try incremental updates like 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4. It could be, your iPod has mixed data, hence might not update to the correct firmware correctly.

If you managed to update till 1.1.4, do another restore to 1.1.4. Then perform the jailbreak using ZiPhone.

Good luck, and please be patient. Sometimes if you keep things cool, you can get out of the problem fairly easily.


Katalin said...

Heey Yusry!

Thanks it worked!
I still had a lot of problems tho, especially when uprading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 and I got the error message again and the iPod went all blank. What I did was to leave the iPod connected, restarted itunes, which recognized it to be in recovery mode and I just tried the 1.1.3 firmware again and it upgraded. After that I just simply restored to 1.1.4 and it worked on the first go.

Then I wanted to jailbreak it, but no luck.
tried iLiberty. nothing. Put it into recovery mode and used iLiberty, it ran the white txt on the screen then quit but installer never appeared. Tried it a different way. nothing.
Then I tried Ziphone. It also ran the white txt but got stuck and didnt react to anything and iTunes didnt recognized it either. Tried to shut down. nothing. home+standby nothing. Then I pressed home and standby the same time, disconnected and connected again and iTunes finally recognized it. Took me 30 mins to figure out how to make it back to recovery mode (almost got a heartattack) and restored again in iTunes.
But I forgot the select the firmware from my harddrive and it restored to 1.1.5, which looks exactly the same as 1.1.1-2-3-4. No other apps, no stocks, weather etc, nothing.

What is happening?

Any way to jailbrake it? I really need 1-2 apps back from installer, like touchpad etc.

Please help!

thanks. AGAIN.


Yusry said...

Hi Kate,

Please don't use iLiberty! I have not personally used it, and I will not recommend you to use it because I haven't used it.

Try to use only ZiPhone.

Ok, now since you're in 1.1.5, did you try to downgrade to 1.1.4? I don't know if the 1.1.5 can be jailbroken using ZiPhone though.

And it does takes alot of patience especially if you messed up. Try to do things incrementally.

I really hope you managed to get it done. Good luck. Do let me know if you need more help.

Katalin said...


I finally figured it out. I had to use iLibrary cuz Ziphone didnt work at all. It froze and I couldnt kick it out of recovery mode.

But I managed to downgrade back to 1.1.4, jailbroke and got installer via iLibrary and got my old apps back plus I got the iphone apps with the help of
Now everything works fine - so far - and am happy in love again with my gadget!

Thanks bunches for allll the help!
Saved me!

take care!


fjr said...

I have a 8GB ipod touch firmware 1.1.4 jailbreaked with iLiberty and I wanted to jailbreak again 'cause I have problems with my installer. I downloaded the 1.1.4 restore because I can`t restore it anyway. I just want to jailbreak it again. I pushed shift and left-clicked the restore mode in iTunes but still doesn`t restore it shows something about "it cannot restore"
I'd appreciated your help, thanks

Yusry said...

Hi fjr!

First common mistake for failed restore is because you didn't set it to DFU mode.

Please read my post, it's already been written there. :)

Good luck.

gabe said...


This is great!

Yusry said...

No problem!

Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

hi! :)

my itunes won't recognize my 8g itouch. :(
it won't go into recovery mode either! i don't know what to do, or why itunes won't recognize it. Sometimes it does, but its for literally .002 seconds, and then it says an error occurred.
i have no idea how to restore it manually if i can't get to recovery mode.

HELP!? :) :) :)

Yusry said...


Typically when this happens, try the following:

1) Reinstall iTunes. Preferably the latest ones. Always uninstall the prior version first.

2) If that fails, try holding both the Home + Reset keys on your iPod Touch. (approx. 30 secs) it should display the "connect to USB dock" icon. Then connect it to the computer.

3) If that won't work too, I suggest trying another USB port.

4) Try a different cable if you must. Use originals if possible. 3rd party might work, but try to use the originals first.

5) Another option is to use another computer. Try using your friend's computer (if he/she has an iPod too)

6) If all else fails, you can always drop by to Apple Care for repair. :)

Good luck!

Jack Ronan said...

If you iPod is jailbroken you can try installing sbsettings then first doing a respring and if no luck try and press that power button and when a list come up press safe mode
If it isn't jailbroken then sorry
P.S try installing disk aid and if it connects then it's iTunes if it doesn't then it's you cable or iPod I might try and find the iPod touch 1g if you have a jailbroken, what firmware are you

Jack Ronan said...

Edit:ipod touch 1g filesystem if your jailbroken

Ibrahim said...

Hi Yusry! well i have an ipod touch 1G. I download the restore file for 2.2.1 firmware for 1G. i put my i forgot to put my ipod touch in recovery mode and i went ahead to shift restore in itunes, it started and went far then an error message popped up but the progress bar on my ipod screen was still moving and it completed then it restarted i.e showing the apple logo, it would keep showing it for 3-4 mins then go off and come on again wit da apple logo it does dat continiously. wen i force restore it i.e i get the screen to show me connect to itunes with usd cable, itunes pops an error message that cannot connect to update server and there is no enough memory on my device.PLS PLS PLS HELP ME OUT.

Yusry said...

Try holding Power + Home until it restarts while connected to the PC.

Restore as per normal.

See if this works.

Ibrahim said...

hi yusry
dat didnt work i have tried a lot. all i get is the apple logo on my screen, i leave it all it would do is a kinda refreshing and bring back the apple logo. it does dis over and over again. help

Yusry said...

What happens when you try to restore?

If you still have warranty, your best bet is to throw it back to Apple. I mean, if you are genuinely updating the firmware, it's not your fault in the first place!

But you can continue trying on your own.

Here's a tip: Always try a new USB port. If still doesn't recognize, try another computer.

Jack Ronan said...

U have you tried dfu mode? U should be able 2 do this at the apple logo. Btw 3.0 jb is out, its called redsn0w but it jailbreaks all devices (except the new iPhone 3G S)so that includes iPhone 2g and 3g and itouch 1g and 2g

richard said...

hi yuri i have a ipod touch first generation with with a 1.1.2 firmware and i tried to do an upgrade and i got an error message. eversince ive been stuck in the recovery mode and it wont restore i tried foollowing some of your post but all it does is go to the part where it says ipod restoring and then an error comes up on the computer. plz i need ur help

AruKaru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AruKaru said...

Edit: Umm.. I forgot to mention that I lost the original cable that came with the iPod, so as a replacement, a new white one by Belkin was bought, which works for charging, but as I look at the cable, a tag says "Charge Only Cable". Would that have something to do with it?

AruKaru said...


After I follow instructions and it leads to the cable and iTunes icon, and when I open iTunes (with iPod touch plugged into compy), the devices tab does not show up..
Help please? :U (Original post, sorry, thought there was an edit button)

shabzy said...

Im really stuck because for some reason my ipod Touch 1G was jailbroken in the past but recently the slide to unlock wasn't working. I corrected this before by updating to the newest firmware. My phone was f/w 3.1.2 and so i downloaded 3.1.3 after updating to the latest iTunes software. But ever since it keeps saying cannot restore (usually error code 1618). I have tried restoring it so many times - even to try and restore it to my 3.1.2 firmware file but nothing seems to work.
Please help me to sort this problem out?!

Mansoor said...

Hi Yusry,

I recently bought a 32 gb Ipod Touch 3g from a friend. I attempted to jailbreak it with spirit and i did it and it got to a pink screen where the loading spinny thing kept spinning without stopping for a while so I attempted to turn it off by holding the home+power button. When the ipod came back on, it appeared on the apple logo but it never left the apple logo. I have been trying everything for the past 3 hours to try and fix it. I tried to get it into DFU/recovery mode and it wouldn't really work. I would get it to recovery mode and it would say i need to restore it and i would press restore but it would end up saying "the ipod could not be restored. the device is not eligible for the build or something"! i dont know what to do please help me!!! Do you think that i can take it to the Apple store and get them to fix it even if i don't have a warranty? Will they be able to tell that i tried to jailbreak it?

Angelique said...

Hi Yusry

Ive tried doing everything youve said and when my ipod touch goes to the itunes logo with the cable, my itunes does not pick it up. My problem to began with was that my itunes or pc wouldnt find my ipod.

Chris@ said...

Helllpppp!!!!!!!! Itunes says im missing some start up thig how fo i fix it? It wont connect to the comp. except in restore mode which constantly gives me error 1611 and 1618. I cant even manually kick myself out of restore please help

Anonymous said...

i have a ipod touch 2nd gen. in this the ipod never turns on. when i plug it in the pc, i tunes opens and says the ipod must be restored. so when i try to restore, the file gets downloaded and extracted and tries to install, then in my ipod, it turns on, the apple logo comes up, and a loading circle comes up from the bottom. Then suddenly it turns off and an error comes up in itunes saying
"the ipod could not be restored. an unknown error 1618"
please help me
the ipod turns only when the restore happens but then switches totally off when the error occurs

sorch.carthy said...

Hi Yursry
i jailbroke my ipod touch its version 5.1 so i downloaded redsOw it worked until i realized cydia woudent open and either would my safari i need help really bad please reply !!!!!!!!!!!

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