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February 28, 2008

How to: Get into DFU Mode for iPod Touch/iPhone

You'll probably heard of the DFU mode while trying to downgrade firmware version 1.1.3 and above. DFU means Device Firmware Update, hence it's a mode where the iPod Touch device will be made to force restore into whatever versions it's given with.

You will only do this if you can't downgrade/upgrade for some unexpected reason (using the Shift-Restore in iTunes).

Performing the DFU mode is somewhat tricky, and it requires patience and swiftness, because timings are essential. You cannot afford to miss a second or two, which will bring it to the Recovery Mode.

I realise, if you're early by 1 or 2 seconds, it'll make A LOT OF DIFFERENCE. I suggest waiting 1 or 2 seconds a little later for better results (I have done this umpteen times already).

In my opinion, DFU mode is like an interrupted Recovery Mode. Since the iPod Touch won't respond, it's like "spoilt" and "empty" hence it can be restored into any other firmwares effeciently.

A Valuable Tip!!!

Thanks to CHOUT for this tip.

If you managed to get your iPod Touch in "off" state (meaning, the screen is blank as though it's off), and Windows recognises it/iTunes recognises it, remove the USB cable (do not turn on the iPod!) and reconnect it back. Then try to downgrade via iTunes.

DFU Mode (Windows/Mac Compatible method)

Before you begin, turn on your iPod Touch (make sure it won't auto lock, to prevent mistakes), and connect it to iTunes. Once iTunes shows your device, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Hold down the “Home” button

Step 2: Hold down the “Standby” button

Step 3: When it says “slide to turn off”, ignore it. It should restart with a blank screen. Look at iTunes, and your device should be removed. Now lift the Standby button, while still holding onto the Home button.

Step 4: Keep holding the Home button until the iPod reconnects on iTunes. When the device shows up in iTunes, that’s when you’ll need to lift up your button. If you wait any longer, it will go into Recovery Mode, and that’s not what you want. Your iPod should be blank.

Step 5: Now iTunes will tell you that the iPod Touch is in Recover Mode. You can now perform a manual restore on it.

DFU Mode - The sound method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method)

For those Windows user, turn up your speakers.

You know when you connect something via USB, there's a sound that will ring? Use that sound as your cue.

Here's a variation:

Step 1: Connect to PC via the dock connector. Doesn't matter if iTunes is up or not.

Step 2: Hold Home button

Step 3: Hold Standby button

Step 4: When "Slide to turn off" appear, ignore it.

Step 5: Now you listen for the "USB out" sound. You should be able to tell if the device is disconnected from your PC. Now you can lift your Standby button. The screen should be blank.

Step 6: Now you listen for the "USB in" sound. You should be able to tell if the device is connected to your PC. Now you can lift your Home button. The screen IS STILL BLANK.

Step 7: If all goes well, your device should be blank and iTunes will launch by itself. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN ON YOUR DEVICE (well, you can't do that anyway). You can now perform a manual restore.

You're now good to go!

DFU Mode - The bubble method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method)

Thanks to momott for this tip.

Here's the breakdown of the method. All you need to do is watch your computer. And you don't have to launch iTunes at all.

Update: I realised the bubble method don't work 100%. That's because, for the first time you entering DFU mode (on that computer), the bubble appears once. After that it does not appear anymore.

Step 1: Connect your iPod Touch via the dock connector

Step 2: Hold Home button

Step 3: Hold Standby button. A "slide to off" appear, ignore it.

Step 4: Your iPod should restart. Just keep holding the 2 buttons until you see in your windows, a bubble appear saying that your iPod Touch is in DFU mode.

You can now perform the downgrade!

ZiPhone (yes now it works!) method

Download the latest ZiPhone (as of date of post, it's version 2.6b).

Step 1: Launch the GUI version of ZiPhone. (It keep changing icons, so I'm not sure, but it should have the word "GUI" in it)

Step 2: Under "Advanced Features", click on "Click to show advanced features".

Step 3: Click on "DFU Mode" button.

I got a better method!

Then jolly well share it with the rest of the world! I'm sure there are other people who are struggling to get the perfect method, so if you provide a simplified version, do let me know.


Kate said...

Hi Yusry! I made a mistake in putting my phone in DFU mode and now it's stuck in recovery mode.

Even if I try Ziphone, it's still stuck in recovery mode because the Itunes logo and the cable are present.

Is there anyway to get out of recovery mode aside from restoring it? I tried restoring it by using shift + restore to upgrade it in 2.1.1 but I keep getting errors. Thanks

Yusry said...

Hi kate,

I'm very sorry but you're out of luck. If you're in DFU mode, you can't undo it.

But if you're in Recovery Mode, there's a chance you can get out of it using ZiPhone.

I'm not really quite sure, but I remembered having accidentally making it into Recovery Mode. Then I was able to cancel it using ZiPhone (that was months ago, can't remember anymore).

But I'm very sure that if you set it into DFU mode, all information is already lost. The only option you have now is to Restore it, and sync everything you have from scratch.

Sorry but couldn't be of much help to you regarding this.


Kate said...

Thanks Yusry.

Another q, does my touch have to be in DFU mode when I upgrade the firmware? What if it's in recovery mode?

Yusry said...

No it doesn't makes any difference.

Most people used the DFU mode if they want to downgrade, but that's during the 1.1.4 and below era. I have not personally tried DFU on version 2.x.x to downgrade though, I guess Apple has placed some restrictions to prevent downgradings again.

cooljackthe1 said...

Can you install new things like custom firmware
Or is there a seperate way
Send me an email or post here if u no

Yusry said...


For custom firmwares, I believe you're talking about iPwned. Please take a look at that instead.

Sorry I do not have articles on that as I personally haven't got much chance to try it out myself.

Good luck!

Jack Ronan said...

Thanks your much more helpful than all those other site

Jack Ronan said...

Have you jailbroken your iPod/iPhone if so wat program did u use
thanks again
P.s if u haven't war would you reccomend

Yusry said...

I jailbreak version 1.1.4, until today, I have yet to try to jailbreak 1.1.5 or even the 2.x.x

You should try ZiPhone. Works wonders for iPod Touch and iPhone.

But I think he has stopped updating ever since the new 2.x.x version came out.

Good luck!

Jack Ronan said...

So I tried ziphone with my touch 2nd gen 2.2 and it doesn't work
It says found puts it on the recovery and keeps saying putting on recovory do u have any tips or tutrials u no of
P.s sorry for bugging u

Jack Ronan said...

Continued:when u jailbreak does ziphone install cydia or installer
Thanks in advance

Yusry said...


I should have guessed better! You shouldn't use ZiPhone for a 2.x.x firmware. Check out the iPwned (I think it's called that...)

Sorry if I'm not of any help to you.

Btw, ZiPhone installs "Installer" not "Cydia". Hope that answers your question.

Good luck.

dlmahtani said...


I switched my iPod Touch (1st gen) to DFU mode in order to jailbreak, but the process stalled.
My iPod now won't come on. I assume it's still in DFU mode. How can I get it back on? I don't care if I have to lose all data on it.
iTunes or my Mac won't detect it when I connect it. Please help me.
Please email me at

Thanks a million bro!

Yusry said...


First thing you should try is using ZiPhone.

Try to restore using that. Or preferably jailbreak it. If it failed, try another computer to see if it can be detected.

Else I would suggest heading down to Apple Care. Just fake to them saying it won't boot up after trying to add some songs. After all, they'll believe whatever you say. :)

Good luck!

Jack Ronan said...

UPDATE: The Iphone dev team have jailbroken the ipod touch 2g.they have not released it as they are making it user friendly.but they've done it.BTW I think this should be front page but that's just my opinion becuz 1000's have been waiting for this.
P.S: the program is called redsnow
Like there yellowsnow for iPhone

I can't wait for realease

Yusry said...


Thanks for the news. I'll update my blog.

Jack Ronan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jack Ronan said...

They have released a tethered (temp.) jailbreak for iPod touch 2g you have to do it at start up
Go to to download

Jack Ronan
Live and Updated
P.S. Go to the iPhone dev teams site for iPhone stuff and 2g jailbreak

Jack Ronan said...

P.S great blog (I still havnt said that LOL)

Yusry said...

Alright Jack Ronan, you're the coolest reader I've seen in months!

Thanks for the update.


Jack Ronan said...

Just to say windows vista and xp users can use it now
just follow the guide at
I am testing this now and will post my results

Yusry said...

Cool! Thanks for the update.

It's been a while since I drop by that forum... Maybe I'll lurk around a bit soon...

Jack Ronan said...

Any 1 need the boot helper link go to

Jack Ronan said...

To Yusry:
Sorry If That Link Doesnt Work But If It Does Could You Do A Big Massive Favour And Send Me The Files As A Zip Cuz For Some reason It Says Corrupted
this is mainly for yusry but if any 1 else can plz do

Jack Ronan said...

I've jb my iPod touch 2g!!!!!!!!
But I didn't use that way I used a file which does most of it auto. I will upload the files in a zip/rar and will post link later
Until then don't do anything

When doing step 2 and 3 disable iTunes and everything to do with the ipod
Link comeing soon

Yusry said...

Hi Jack Ronan,

Are you saying that there's an automated tethered method out there?

Yusry said...

Oh btw, for some reasons I can't download _any_ rapidshare files. Must be due to my ISP. :(

Jack Ronan said...

Rapidshare doent work for me either
Mediafire link coming soon

Jack Ronan said...

Cancel The Mediafire 1
Heres A Even Easyer 1 for ipod touch 2g (not made by me)
Still tethered but its a gui (unofficial 1 though)have not tested as i jailbroke my ipod using another way but ill run it to test if working
p.s if this link stops working leave a message @ or here on this page and i will upload again


Jack Ronan said...
For Prefered IPOD TOUCH 2G Firmware

Sources For Cydia

Jack Ronan said...

Yep I tested that jb method and it works!
Also if you are stuck in dfu mode skip to step 5
P.S new version out which also includes installer and cydia get it at
Will post updates on Jailbreak soon
Come on iPhone Dev

Anonymous said...

Hello Yusry. So I was jailbreaking my 2nd gen ipod touch with the GUI Version of the RedSn0w. I got through it all the way to the fourth step. But on the fifth step my ipod stopped turning on. Ive tried putting it into dfu mode thousands of times and it hasnt work. Got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

oh and I forgot. It also wont connect to my computer at all. I've tried at a couple of my friends house's and it hasnt worked either.

Jack Ronan said...

In that case you have a problem ,it's off isnt it or is it in dry but you don't know
Anyway try leaving it alone for a while untill the battery goes unless it is off in which case send it back to apple for replacement
P.S if they ask you why it has strange firmware then say it's second hand

Semi Thethered Jailbreak Released
Will post files and links to videos when I get to my pc

Yusry said...


To tell you the truth, I don't have a 2G iPod Touch to test it.

But I'm sure my good friend Jack Ronan can assist you. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks Yursy.

Anonymous said...

What if I don't have the warranty on it anymore?

Yusry said...

Check your warranty online at Apple site. I forgot what's the exact link though...

Anonymous said...

okay. Ill try once i get back home. But I doubt I have my warranty anymore.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Yea I still had the warranty.(Which I didn't know about lol) But once I get it back, what should I use to jailbreak it?

I used RedSn0w and that didn't work out that well

Yusry said...

Yours is 1G or 2G iPod Touch? (or are you using iPhone?)

If 1G, you may try ZiPhone.

If 2G, I'm afraid the only way is using redsn0w. As I've said before, I can't really confirm or write a post detailing step-by-step information (like I used to) for 2G ones... Sorry about that.

Maybe Jack Ronan has something to guide you. Hopefully he saw your message so that he can assist you.

Anonymous said...

Yea its a 2g Touch. Thanks for trying. If anyone else could help it would be appreciated. But I won't be able to do it for like a week or so from when I get it back.

Jack Ronan said...

Searched the Internet and solved it hopefully
1.Try Holding Power And Home For 10-12 seconds
Then hold home for 8 make sure it's 8 and must be in of to do it
2.If on windows go into device manager and try to force the drivers to work
P.S untested

Jack Ronan said...

Found the new jailbreak link will post soon

Jack Ronan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jack Ronan said...

Hi there is a full jailbreak now so u can use the quickpwn version when it arrives meanwhile i'm use command promt:)
I might make a GUI
I'll c cuz quickpwn would always be better

Joshua said...

YOU CAN UNDO DFU MODE!!! Hold down home and standby button until the ipod reboots

Jack Ronan said...

Ummmm idk about other ppl but I knew that before I got my iPod

merelvh said...

in Cydia i installed mobilepatch. On the site where i followed the instructions said that i should reboot my device. I hold down the power and home button, and then it went black. Now i cant turn it on anymore and my computer dont recognize my device and iTunes either.
I dont know what to do!
please help

merelvh said...

in Cydia i installed mobilepatch. On the site where i followed the instructions said that i should reboot my device. I hold down the power and home button, and then it went black. Now i cant turn it on anymore and my computer dont recognize my device and iTunes either.
I dont know what to do!
please help

gayin_loved said...

question. I am semithethered on itouch 2g & someone turned it off. I now can't get it to go into DFU mode on my windows xp. Its not even beeping when i press home & power.

Is there any programme that can boot it into DFU mode?

any help is appreciated

Yusry said...


so much that i wanted to help, but i personally don't have a 2g ipod touch hence it could be a little different.

i would recommend:

1) try to start with the plug in. it's most probably in DFU now.

2) use a different computer and try.

3) after all have failed, going back to apple care center never fails. the hardware is getting more and more harder to hack hence going back to manufacturer is still one of the better solutions.

good luck and sorry if i'm not of any help at all.

Aman said...

Alright dude, Got a ipod touch 2g, worked fine for 5 months. Yesterday when i connected it to itunes, it deleted all my songs and video on the ipod. When I tried to reinstall the music it wouldn't do it. Today I couldn't turn it on, tried putting it in the DFU mode and tried restoring it. I have reinstalled itunes, rebooted several times. itunes will recognize and starts restoring but half way through it stops and gives me an ERROR and than says ipod is not connected while it is infact connected. HELP! said...

Thank you so freaking much.
Had an iPod Touch 2G that looked like it was past the point of no return, but, with your help, I was able to boot into DFU and save its ass.
I really appreciate this. Thank you.

Terry said...

Hi, i've got a itouch 16gb thats disabled and i cnt restore it by using home and sleep because my home button is broken...and when i connect it to itunes it says i must enter a code on the touch to access it but the touch just says connect to there any software or method for me to restore the itouch or some how get it working?? HELP

Keryn said...

I have the same problem as Terry. iPod Touch disabled due to nephew forgetting his passcode and the home button is broken. Need a way to restore it. Is there a way?

Garrett said...

Hi Yusry. I turned off my jailbroken ipod touch 1st gen firmware 3.1.2 from holding down the button on the top of the ipod. Now every time I try to turn it on the Apple symbol comes up but it turns right back off. I did it until the red battery came up hoping that it would work when i plug it in. I tried plugging it into iTunes and it wont recognize it? Please i don't know what else to do. What do I do?

Yusry said...


I do experience the same way as you.

My quickest fix? Re-jailbreak.

It should let you reboot the phone, until there's a jailbreak for newer firmwares.

Good luck!


Corbyn said...

hey guys i was reading down the page if you forgot your password and still have the computer you always or first sync(ed) it to just recover the ipod using itunes and before you do that put the ipod into recovery mode (before you do all make sure you sync all your songs/apps/movies to itunes)one the ipod updates re sync the songs to it voila you have access to your ipod again!

Corbyn said...

hey guys i was reading down the page if you forgot your password and still have the computer you always or first sync(ed) it to just recover the ipod using itunes and before you do that put the ipod into recovery mode (before you do all make sure you sync all your songs/apps/movies to itunes)one the ipod updates re sync the songs to it voila you have access to your ipod again!

Ivo said...

DFU Mode - The sound method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method)


Ok so I tryed this and it worked but now my Ipod has disappeared from Itunes so I can't see it or select recover Ipod.

Any idea why this is happening or how it can get it to restore?

Nishant said...

hi yursy! i made a mistake ....i had my ipod jailbroken .....vrsion 3.1.3 ......i deleted all the contents of ipod going to settings and reset all the contents.....but now my ipod is stuck in apple logo and it is not starting now.....and a loading is there......can u help me with this plz........

Varun. W said...

Hi yusry,
I recently tried to jailbreak my ipod touch 4th gen with 4.3.3 and i built the new IPSW and then when i attempted to restore it from DFU mode iTunes prompted that it will contact apple and see if the restore is ok with apple.
I went ahead with it and it gave me an Unknown error 1600, does this mean anything to you?
If so thanks.

Yusry said...


It simply means that Apple denied your restore request since the current firmware you loaded was not "signed" by them.

Try and use "TinyUmbrella" for the restore, and hope it works.


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