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February 28, 2008

iPod Touch and iPhone firmware links for direct download

Here are the links for direct download to the firmware for iPod Touch and iPhone. Please note depending on what device you're using, you'll need to download separately (there might be some differences in it).

iPod Touch
How to manually select a firmware

Step 1: Launch iTunes

Step 2: Go to Summary tab in the Devices list

Step 3a (Windows): Under firmware header, you hold Shift and Left-click on Check for Update/Restore button

Step 3b (Mac OS X): Under firmware header, you hold Options and Click on the Check for Update/Restore button

Editors note: If you're looking for even older versions, I'm sorry but I don't have the links. A simple google search should do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Hello Yusry, when i download the iPod touch firmware and click recovery it asks for the firmware file, i choose it and it looks everything is going well, it says extracting then preparing for restore and then this error message appears;

"The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1). "

I put the iPod touch in recovery mode and followed your steps correctly. My iPod touch's version is 2.

Yusry said...


I suspect you're going into "Recovery Mode". If you're in that mode, you can't downgrade to an earlier version.

In order to successfully downgrade it, you'll need to make it into "DFU Mode".

To make into DFU, connect the iPod Touch via the dock connector, then hold both the "Home" and the "Standby" button simultaneously. Ignore the "Slide to turn off", and it will restart with a blank screen. Now, (when it just restarts with blank screen) release the "Standby" button while still holding the "Home" button. Approximately 10 secs, you should hear another "connecting sound" (windows user), and iTunes will launch, stating that the device is in recovery mode and needs to be restored.

If you still hit the "Error (1)", try again. One note, during the "Recovery Mode" told by iTunes, your iPod Touch is in "offed" state, so do not panic.

If you hit the "iTunes + dock connector" screen, you hold the "Home" button too long after releasing the standby button. Try again.

Hoped that helped.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother again Yusry, but when I try to restore the iPod touch and in Recovery Mode, and DFU Mode, it says;

The iPod software update server could not be contacted.

Make sure your network settings are correct and your network is active, or try again later"

What now?

Yusry said...

Hi again!

I hope you know what you're doing.

From your description, it sounds like you're just "clicking" onto "Restore" button. Don't do that.

The reason why you're on this blog post is because of the firmware links.

On your first try, you got the "Error (1)" message, which simply means that you're trying to perform a downgrade, hence it will fail.

Which means, you're doing "Shift-Click" onto "Restore" button.

IMPORTANT: Your iPod Touch HAS TO BE in DFU mode. If you followed my instructions earlier, you should know how to do it.

If you have anything else, let me know.


Skittles and Snark said...

my ipod wont show up in itunes. everytime i hook it up (i have windows) a little bubble pops up at the bottom saying the usb has malfunctioned and windows doesnt recognize it. i've tried everything and i cant really contact apple cuz i have a jailbroken ipod. (1.1.1 firmware). when i try downloading the firmware from your blog i hook up my ipod and itunes still doesnt recognize it not even in recovery mode. i'm dying her without my ipod!! HELP PLEASE!!

Yusry said...

Hi skittles.

Your solution is simple. Connect via the USB, press and hold both the Home button and the Standby button until it restarts. Keep pressing until you reach the "recovery mode" screen.

Then re-install your firmware. I suggest re-installing 1.1.1, because you're currently on 1.1.1.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Help!! I was jailbreaking my friend's ipod touch for him (current firmware 1.1.5) using iPwner/PwnageTool (modifying a 1.1.4 firmware file), and it said it was rebooting the ipod now. The screen did switch off.... it just wouldn't switch on again. At first I thought it might not be switching off again, but it is actually in DFU mode atm. I've tried restoring it several times in different ports, restarting my computer, un/reinstalling itunes, attempting to restore on another mac (I have a macbook pro).... nothing :( and now when I plug it in, itunes has suddenly started reading it as an iPhone, and tries to restore it with the current iPhone version.

Any advice? (I'm currently downloading itunes 7.5 in case that makes a difference). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My mistake above, I meant:

"At first, when the screen stayed blank after I tried switching it on, I thought it was just remaining off. But it turns out it is in DFU mode, but the screen stays blank unless I do that thing when you hold power/home buttons for 10 seconds, then home for another 10 seconds. Whereupon the screen flashes white, and then goes blank again"

Yusry said...

Honestly bro, I don't know how to help.

You should try reconnecting to the computer.

Have you tried ZiPhone? I had readers who reported that ZiPhone works with 1.1.5. If you'd be willing to take the risk, why not give it a try?

If it's really not working, I'd suggest you go back to the Apple store. They couldn't even realise you tried to jailbreak it in the first place.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok cheers anyway mate, ill give ziphone and apple a go :)

Telmo said...

I know this is an old post, but my friend's jailbroken iPOD Touch 1st gen is locked in recovery mode. Every time I try to recover and install a new firmware it gives me an error message of (14) and when I try to simply restore to the newest firmware it stops halfway and says an unknown error occured. I can't take it out of DFU mode either.

Jack Ronan said...

Hold down power and home and wait for a while approx 20 seconds. This should get u out of dfu and maybe recovery . Or as it's a first gen u can use Ziphone to do it for you

veonlee said...

I have a problem with my 8GB iPod Gen2 and it is not JB. I bought the New update for ipod today, and i was updating it, then while it is updating, it said something about Unknown Error 14. Now i am stuck on the Picture with the Itune symbol and a USB port pointing towards it. I tried to call apple, but they said they will charge me 30 dollars to answer my question. I went to their support page, but nothing helps. I am in big trouble here! HELP!

Neil said...

Hi Yusry,

I'v tried to restore my iPod a million times, but it fails giving my an error saying iPod touch cannot be restored . Error number 13. I jailbreadek id using blackra1n and if i jailbreak it in the recovery mode, it would give me the home scree. Now i erased all data of my ipod. when i restarted it, i was again driven back to the recovery mode. Everytime i reboot my iPod it goes to the recovery mode and wont restore giving error number 13. to get the homescreen i jailbreak it again using blackra1n, but the problem wont resolve.

ShivaTop said...

Hi Yusry,
useful blog. I have a long story. I broke the screen to my ipod Touch 1st Gen and replaced it with a new screen. Managed to disconnect a battery cable while doing so. Got it reconnected by a hack. Finally, a good physics lab dude fine soldered it on. The multimeter showed the old battery had died, the new one is good!

Right now, I cannot turn on the iPod independent of the USB connector at all (I thought battery change would fix it- it hasn't). The recovery mode method gets to recovery point in itunes (MAC OSX and WinXP) but then when its rebooting, it never comes back. Sounds like a battery/power problem?

Please help! Any advice is good!

Yusry said...

Not sure I understood your question though...

Anyway, what are you fixing? Restarting the device?

Maybe you could get a little more "simpler" explanation for me to absorb.

However, I doubt the battery change caused anything.

Let me know soon.

Diesel said...

I went to update my Itouch g4 to iSO 4.2 and now its stuck in restore mode. It is not jail broke. I have tried your tips with no luck any ideas. Thanks


Diesel said...

I tried to update my Itouch g4 to iSO 4.2 and now its stuck in recovery mode. It is not jailbroken. I have tried your tips with no luck any other ideas. thanks

Preston said...

hi yusry... I want to restore my opd back to 3.1.3 but my ipod is givin me the 2003 error. what happends is my starts the resotre but then right before it starts my ipod crashes blank and restarts...

any help?

oh yeah my ipod is stuck on the apple logo so i cant go into the ipod anyways....

thanks for your reply!!

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