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March 31, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0 is out!

Well, our most beloved automated jailbreaking and unlocking software is out with another better release.

And this time, no more stupid BSD root errors, no more incompatibility issues, no more rubbish.

Just plain you, yourself, and your iPod Touch (oh, and iPhone if you have one too!)

Zibri, you just keep getting better! I wish you all the best in whatever you do.

Go download it at

Oh btw, I'm giving ZiPhone 3.0 a test run myself, and will post back what I learnt.


Marcelo said...

hey dude...can u help me out?
my iphone is stuck in the boot mode for the ziphone and it dosent want to continue...
could u plz help me out?
itunes dosent recognize it...and the ziphone dosent want to find it neither!
i need desperate help!!

Yusry said...

Here's rule number 1 when stuck:

Try to reset the device.

For iPhones, it's a little different. I'm not sure if the conventional way might work. But if you don't know how to reset, try these:

1) If it's plugged in USB, leave it there. Press and hold both the Home and Standby button until it restarts. Press firmly, and will probably take around 10-20 seconds. Once the "Apple" logo came, release the Standby button and you should be in Recovery Mode.

2) If it's connected, unplug it. Press and hold Home button only, then connect it back to the USB. It should go to Recovery Mode.

3) (This one is not proven, I have a reader who did this in my old blog) Let the batt drain (will take hours for that). Then, charge it for 10 mins. That should give enough power to perform another reset (method 1 or 2 described above).

But judging from you case, what do you mean "boot mode"? DFU or Recovery? Or the BSD root error (which loops)? I hope you could give me more details, what you did to get this problem, and whether it has been previously jailbroken with another method.

Let me know of your findings ok?


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