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March 4, 2008

Jailbreak using ZiPhone 2.5, with iPod Touch support

I've tried ZiPhone's 2.5c (as of date of post).

Get yours at

NOTE!: This is NOT confirmed to work with 16GB/32GB iPod Touches! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Some 8GB might not work, but most should. If there's error in using 8GB, try a clean restore, then try again.

There is a nice GUI, and since it's pretty straight forward, there's really no need for a tutorial. ZiPhone is yet THE EASIEST way to jailbreak your iPhones/iPod Touches!

It now supports FW 1.1.4. However, I would strongly suggest using FW 1.1.3, then jailbreak using ZiPhone. Most applications are not yet compatible with 1.1.4, and you'll need to "tweak" the installer to think that the device is still in 1.1.3, WHICH I DON'T THINK IS REASONABLE.

Why fake the iPod Touch's firmware version? (saying that it's in 1.1.3, when the physical firmware is 1.1.4) There's really no reason for you to do that, unless you're a perfectionist who want things to be latest.

Since firmware 1.1.4 is just "bug fix" version, mainly fixing iPhone's SMS bug and other stuffs. For iPod Touch, there's really no reason for you to do that, unless it's prep-ed for the SDK release.

I got the "BSD root: Md0, major 2, minor 2" looping error

Step 1:
Press and hold both Home and Standby button

Step 2:
Keep pressing until your device restarts. An "Apple" logo should appear, keep pressing.

Step 3:
You will hit the "Recovery Mode" screen (that has the iTunes + connector). Shift-Restore to 1.1.3/1.1.4. You can either try the jailbreak again, or try another jailbreak method. Or, you can stay put until another version comes out, hopefully with better iPod Touch support.

That doesn't work!

Step 1:
If it's connected to USB, remove it.

Step 2:
Hold the Home button. Connect to USB while still holding the Home button.

Step 3: It should be in Recovery Mode.

Questions? Leave me a comment, and I'll get back to you promptly.


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