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March 11, 2008

ipodtouchmaster tribute

Dear ipodtouchmaster

I loved your videos. Sadly, it has been removed by my favourite videos hosting site, YouTube. Don't get me wrong, you've helped me more than any other tutorials I've seen on the internet.

Let me give you some pointers why you might have gotten banned.

Firstly, I noticed that some of your videos features illegal softwares that you used during your tutorials. Yes, you want to make it clear to your viewers that you'll need to use certain softwares to achieve what you're trying to describe in your videos. However, please do note that you don't have to give them the exact thing. It's a violation. Using a pirated software is already in violation.

Secondly, the way you're promoting your sites and referrals, I find it ridiculous. Though I admit I didn't flag you or report to YouTube about such "advertisements", I find that it's distracting and defeats the purpose of having the "description of the video". You should do advertising in your videos.

Thirdly, you didn't respond to my emails? How does that helped all the newbies around? I admit I'm a newbie myself, I just gotten hold of my iPod Touch since late Dec 07 and the first thing I've seen is your video. You influenced me. But you didn't write to me back. I'm sad. You probably have millions of other fans writing thank you notes, but I wasn't one of them.

I even tried to help you create more content! But since I don't see a video of that, nor an email reply, I guess you must have filtered my message as spam.

Anyway, please don't be disheartened about the suspension. Write a blog, like me. I have helped other people too! But I didn't participate in promiscuous ads. Personally, I hate that.

Well, I'm going to wrap my message by saying a BIG THANK YOU for your videos. They have helped me. Try to create new content. Suggest MORE methods. You know, some of your methods could have been better. =)

Remember, jailbreaking isn't illegal.

Show us your love once more.

I'll be awaiting your videos.


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