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February 24, 2008


Hi guys.

As you might have known, I have decided to port all my non-band related topics from my original blog, "" into this new address, "".

It's a little longer than the original one though, but I don't mind about that.

All I wanted is to host all topics addressing technical issues such as programming, Windows XP, Java, gadgets, gadget hacks and tips and trips. Occasionally, news on new technologies will be displayed here too so that I can share with the rest of you the latest happenings around the world.

If you want, you could join me and be part of the contributing team. I won't be expecting anyone that soon, but to hook up with another stranger sharing the same vision will be cool. That just shows how geographical differences cannot hinder 2 great minds.

I hope you enjoyed my new site. I will try to update new contents as much as possible.


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