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February 28, 2008

How to: Manually add iPhone apps into iPod Touch


This writeup is already obsolete because you can now download a more compatible version (that comes with the wiggly icons).

Read my other page for that.


Please do not attempt to put iPhone apps into iPod Touch. You will only do so if you own an iPhone.

I am not responsible for any misuse of information stated here. STRICTLY FOR PRIVATE AND EDUCATIONAL USE TO HELL WITH EDUCATIONAL USE! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The aim of this information is to share with the rest of you that it's possible to do so. Other than that it is meant for software developers and/or other jailbreaking enthusiast.

Oh, and for those fuckers who tries to earn bucks selling these apps, FUCK YOU too. You should probably go to hell.

I am not affiliated with Apple or iPod Touch or iPhone or anything to do with the apple fruit.

Thank you.

Where to get those iPhone apps?

Read: iPod Touch & iPhone Applications!

Hence all the files BELONGS TO HIM. Well although, literally the files are owned by Apple, but oh well. Anyway I myself don't know what version was that application from.

I am going to ASSUME that it's compatible for firmware 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. Please let me know if there's some compatibility issues while using his files.

So what now? (Extracting the files)

First, download his zip file, and extract it to your desktop (anywhere is fine, just put into your desktop for this guide's purpose).

You should have a folder named "iMobileApps".

Inside this "iMobileApps" there's 2 folders, named "Applications" and "System".

Next? (Removing unnecessary files)

Use iphonebrowser or iBrickr to upload the files. Or you can use your favourite SSH or SFTP program (which requires you to have wifi) to transfer your files.

iphonebrowser and iBrickr uses a certain connection to connect to your iPod Touch (or iPhone). Make sure your firewall allows this connection to go through or you might not be able to connect it at all.

You need to remove those folders that you are not going to use. So for the sake of this guide, PLEASE DELETE the below mentioned folders from the Application folder:

- (that's the calendar)
- (that's the application for your iPhone to make calls)
- (that's the application for your iPhone to make SMS)

You should have left with:

- (That's Google maps application)
- (That's the mail application)
- (That's the notes application)
- (That's the stocks application)
- (That's the weather application)

No point uploading all, it might cause unnecessary glitches/crashes. You wouldn't want to deal with that at all.

Uploading the apps via iphonebrowser

In this guide, I'm only going to touch on using iphonebrowser because it's the easiest to use. You can use iBrickr to achieve the same results, though it takes much more effort to accomplish the task. You can also use your favourite SSH or SFTP program (but hence will require a working wifi) to connect to your device.

To begin, just plug in your iPod Touch with the USB dock connector, and launch iphonebrowser. (If iphonebrowser doesn't load, check your task manager, then kill iphonebrowser.exe, then launch it again)

In order for iphonebrowser to work properly, please download and install iTunes+Quicktime (version 7.3.1 QT) for it to work properly.

Step 1 Step 2 term-vt snap

Step 1: Click on [root]

Step 2: Drag both the "Applications" and "System" folder as shown on the second screen shot. And wait for the process to finish.

Step 3: Now you can close iphonebrowser (if you want) and launch Term-vt100. If you don't have this app, download one via Installer. You will need to change permissions for all your new apps you've just uploaded.

If you don't change permissions, your app will crash whenever you try to execute it. Make sure you change the permissions so that it can run without crashing.

And you're done!

If all is well, reboot your device, then you can now enjoy your iPhone apps.


Ask me! Probably I might be able to help.

If it crashes, it's more probably because:

1) This app comes from iPhone, hence it might not work properly in iPod Touch
2) You're using an old firmware. Try using firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. If you want to run 1.1.3, you can try ipodtouchmaster's tutorial and it will include everything with the $20 apps.

Other than that, any other general questions you can ask me. I try my very best to help.


And good luck! :)


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Yusry said...


I don't mind the free advertising you get from putting that comment into my blog, but I am not doing site reviews (especially paid stuffs)

But good luck with the apps!

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