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February 28, 2008

How to: Fix Term-vt100 backspace issue (appearing as "space")

Hi iPhone and iPod Touch jailbreakers enthusiast.

Today I’m going to tell you how to manually fix Term-vt100 problem, where the backspace appears to be a space.Yeah, the backspace works, but shows as a space character. Which sucks didn’t it?I looked high and low for the fix… And I found it.

Yeah, it’s from a repo file, you can easily install this directly from BigBoss’s repo. (hehe sorry for stealing the link. I need it because I don't have a wifi!)

But as you can see, not everybody have the luxury to own a wifi connection (maybe 2-3 years down the road, who knows? Wifi that works with 1km range? :p)

So to do this, all you have to extract all the files, and use iBrickr or iphonebrowser. You can get them if google it, it’ll definitely show up.

Now, if you open the zip file, just extract the last file which is “.profile”. You don’t really need the folders It has changed. The old fix doesn't work anymore, now it's replaced with another file called "termcap".

Ok after you launch iphonebrowser or iBrickr, navigate to "/var/root folder" "/etc" folder, and dump that “.profile” "termcap" file.

And you’re done!

Sidenote: For some reason, noone tells me about this mistake. Not until I realised it. I got a feeling, this only affects the newer BSD Subsystem install.


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