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July 26, 2011

How to: Install Macrofire for Homebrew PSP


No iDevice talk today. I'm posting this because I got sick and tired of NOT finding the right information online.

Ok maybe I didn't use Google well enough... but since you found this page, I'm sure you fell into the same situation as I am.

Anyway, I was playing Patapon 3, and the dudes in the GameFAQs forum were talking about "grass grinding". None of them shared about how to install Macrofire, the main reason for grass grinding (I will post a separate post about this).

So today, I'm gonna tell you how!


Macrofire does not, and WILL NOT work on Sony official firmware (hence called OFW), and will only work with PSP running on custom firware (hence called CFW). For the sake of this post, I am testing on my personal PSP-2000 model, with TA-88v3 running on 5.03 Prom4 and the classic Phat PSP-1000 on 5.00 m33-6.

I assume, as long as you have CFW loaded onto your PSP, you can run this plugin with no problems.

Where to download Macrofire?

If you already have it, then good. Else, just go to this link, and get yours. It doesn't matter which version, but for completion sake, I'm using version 3.2.3 (as of date of post, version 3.2.6 is released with improved bug fixes)

I don't need your help. There's a Readme.txt

I appreciate how the homebrew developer write this piece of neat software, but it doesn't do me any good since I do not understand Japanese (although I attempted to learn them during tertiary education).

So, I'm sure many of my readers are English speaking, nice friendly folks, so I've come to the rescue! =D

So, how to install this?

Unzip the contents. You'll see a bunch of stuffs inside.

You'll be interested in 2 files, and 2 files only. They are:
  1. macrofire.ini
  2. macrofire.prx
The rest are actually samples and readme files, but since you can't read them, they are basically useless to you now.

Place these 2 files into:
In laymen terms, just open connect your PSP via USB, or open the Memory Stick (using a card reader or something), and on the first window you see (the root), check for "seplugins" folder. If it's not there, create one.
E.g. (windows machine)
Assuming your drive is F. Go to F:/ and create folder "seplugins". The fullpath will be F:/seplugins
Sorry Mac fanboys, I am unfamiliar with the interface. If some kind soul can give me an example, kindly note them in the comments and I'll update this post accordingly.

So, in short, put the 2 files, from the zip file you downloaded from, into ms0:/seplugins/

Ok, what's next? (creating 3 txt files, the control files)

The weird thing is that I attempted to read the readme, and noticed that the developer is talking about creating 3 files.

Inside "seplugins" folder, create these 3 text files (in any order):
  1. game.txt
  2. pops.txt
  3. vsh.txt
These text files shouldn't be blank, and you need to insert these text into the 3 files your created (and save them):
 Activating Macrofire

Ok, now you've done all that, unplug your PSP, or reinsert your Memory Stick. Now, once your on your XMB, go to recovery mode.
For my CFW, I had to press "Select" then select "Recovery Mode" in the menu that appeared. Yours may vary. For that, I cannot be listing down each and every method for your CFW version.
In recovery mode, select "Plugin" and you will see the 3 options you created earlier that linked to macrofire.prx. Simply enable them.

You can do the same to deactivate them.

You're done! Enjoy Macrofire!

To launch Macrofire, run your game, and press the minus (-) and plus (+) volume buttons. The engine will default to "off", so don't panic. Nothing will happen if the engine is in OFF mode. To enjoy the plug in, turn it on!

That's all! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below and I'll try my best to assist you.

You mentioned Patapon 3 Grass Grinding Trick.

The main reason why I wanted to use Macrofire is to do the Grass Grinding Trick. I'll write another post regarding this, but for this post is mainly for setting up and installing Macrofire.



Joker said...

Hi. My save file got corrupted after I enabled the Macrofire. Is there anyway to resolve this? The save file works fine after I disabled it. I am running on 5.00 m33-6. Thanks =D

jericho oƱate said...

Hi! I can't seem to find macrofire.ini and/or macrofire.prc anywhere. Is it possible if you could just email me the files that would be great ^^

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