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March 13, 2008

Dual-boot the iPhone

If computers could, why wouldn't the mini-computer, the iPhone?

Most iPhone Development Team (or in other words, freelance hackers) have been playing with their iPhone more than the average Joe. They were one of those who created jailbreak, which most of us are currently using.

Thanks to them, we get the most out of our iPhone. (ehem... in my point of view, it would be the iPod Touch)

Anyway, here's the detailed instructions on how you could dual-boot your iPhone. Well, it probably would work on the iPod Touch, only thing is that I wouldn't bet on it. :)

If I'm a little richer, I'll probably invest on all available gadget, and get my hands dirty with it. Too bad I'm not that wealthy, so I can't be experimenting such things.

Well, hopefully someone comes out in a video in YouTube. That's how some people get their fame eh?

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